Five mistakes Excel users make when switching to Power BI

The great thing about Power BI is it makes creating advanced models and visuals simple for people like me who have come from a background of being an Excel Jockey. Here are some common pitfalls I’ve seen people make when first using Power BI. Continue reading “Five mistakes Excel users make when switching to Power BI”

Synchronising Axis greyed out- how to fix

Synchronising your double axes charts so that your two or more measures share the same scale is something almost everyone uses at some point. But sometimes, almost randomly, the Synchronise Axis option is greyed out. Why?! And why is it random?


This problem had annoyed me for many a month before I finally decided to try and work out how to fix it. And it turns out it is ridiculously easy to fix.

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Tableau’s data union- too useful not to share

Most data analysts will admit that up to 80% of their time is spend doing “data prep”, sorting out the data that will be analysed and presented to the end user. So anything that we analysts can do to reduce that time means more actual analysis, right?

For me, part of this data prep involved joining lots of reports together, adding variables manually that I would later use in Tableau. It takes ages and is likely to incur human error into your data. Tableau’s ability to union your data together is a massive time saver so I’m quickly going to show you how its done.

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Absolute and partial match filtering

In my previous post about Smarter Wildcard Matching, I showed you how to use a Tableau parameter to improve the capabilities of search filtering in large sets of data. In this post I will show you how to add a partial match to this, where your data matches one or more of your search terms but not all of them.

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