Filtering on multiple columns using one slicer

Power BI method for filtering on multiple columns with one field using only relationships and no DAX.

I’m rebuilding my main report in Power BI. This was the report I created when I first started learning to use Power BI so became quite a mess as I learned to do new things and added in new data sources. I’m rebuilding this from scratch so is a good time make some posts about the pitfalls I’m avoiding and some new techniques I’ve implemented.

The Request

The users want to be able to select a name from a slicer to view only information relating to that person’s sites.

The Challenge

I have a fact table that contains financial results by site. I have an estate map that gives further details for the site, including names of people who are related to that site. The Contract Director, the Regional Director, the Regional Manager, the Management Accountant, etc.

Each of these is a column so I need to be able to filter on any one of these columns using a single slicer. A person could also appear in multiple columns so I need to be able to show a site if the person’s name appears in any column.

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