Synchronising Axis greyed out- how to fix

Synchronising your double axes charts so that your two or more measures share the same scale is something almost everyone uses at some point. But sometimes, almost randomly, the Synchronise Axis option is greyed out. Why?! And why is it random?


This problem had annoyed me for many a month before I finally decided to try and work out how to fix it. And it turns out it is ridiculously easy to fix.

The Solution

Synchronising your axes comes about when viewing two or more measures on the same graph. The example I’ll use is from the Superstore dataset and I am simply viewing SUM(Sales) and SUM(Quantity) over time.


When I click Dual Axis, I get the two overlaid automatically.


Note how the Sales and Quantity tabs in Rows now are joined with a solid edge. So if I wanted to synchronise these axes so that they are based on the same scale, I would usually just right click on the Quantity scale on the right, and select Synchronise Axis. However, it is greyed out.

Luckily the fix is nice and simple. It is greyed out because Sales is of datatype FLOAT (that is, a number with decimal capability), and Quantity is of datatype INTEGER (only whole numbers- which makes sense!).

To fix this, you simply have to get them to match. It would make sense to change Quantity to a FLOAT, rather than Sales to an INTEGER, as you don’t want to lose the detail on decimals. So right click on the SUM(Quantity) tab in rows, select Edit In Shelf, and add FLOAT() around it.

snap23Now I am allowed to select Synchronise Axis again.

snap24And this has made it so that my measures share the same scale (not that you would use that option in this case!). snap25

A more efficient way to do this, so that Quantity is stored as a float for all of your worksheets, would be to change the datatype in the Measures menu on the left to be a Number (decimal).

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